Medical Software Development

We turn healthcare challenges into products and services

We are specialized in software development for medical applications and telemedicine services.

We pride ourselves on our transversal approach towards the healthcare market. By leveraging the expertise of multiple industrial, academic and clinical partners, we seek to create products that have a direct reflection of current market needs and trends. Our software development team is therefore prepared for real-life problems with innovative solutions.

By joining the acquired knowledge of different research partners and integrating old and new technologies into innovative solutions, we bring the benefits to partners of all sizes. This we offer as a service to industry partners, in particular to small and medium enterprises that do not wish to maintain their own R&D department.


Our innovative mindset and scientific expertise are yours for the taking. We prepare individual solutions for your ideas, tailored to the needs of your project. You can benefit from our long experience of technology integration, scientific programming and development. Our software development team is sure to bring a direct practicable value to the technical challenges and organizational problems you face. Whether you are in need of standalone medical workstations together with software applications for treatment planning and the treatment as such or require telemedicine and other on-line based services, we can assist you with our experience in many different medical fields.

Our interdisciplinary team is malleable and adaptable to your needs. We can assist you from the first prototype development and market entry, as well as with follow-up service and maintenance of your product. By bundling the development process with other innovation management services, we can obtain a synergy effect that minimizes your investment efforts.


Most of today’s complex challenges require a multi-disciplinary team, close collaboration and supplying expertise to achieve the proposed goals. Especially for smart data analysis and rethinking the old and new, we require partnerships that we can trust. Healthcare is no exception to this, especially when developing complex systems with multiple partners for research and development purposes. We support other SMEs and consortiums in their projects by supplying our expertise in software development. Given our European network we can also assist you in finding further partners with the competencies required for the project. 

Research Projects

AMUI – AutoMax User Interface

The German consortium composed by BioMcon, Inova DE GmbH and The Pathology Department of the University of Göttingen joined to develop the AMUI project, aiming to improve the method of how oncologic diseases are diagnosed and treated. The main objective of this project is to integrate AutoMax into the pathologist’s workflow. With the rise of targeted drugs in oncology, pathology institutions are facing novel challenges: targeted drugs require specific aberrations of cancer-cells and new diagnostic methods to identify eligible tumours. Image-based molecular pathology extracts and quantifies specific features from these images, as to define which biomarkers have positive detection and consequently aid the treatment decision. Typically, this task is carried out by viewing on a microscope with manual steps for documenting the obtained quantifications – a tedious and failure-prone process. Automax transform this standard by automating and enabling advanced image analysis methods and represents a valuable support tool for the responsible pathologist, as it helps on the diagnosis process.

The project will run until the end of February 2018.

CAST – CArdiac measuring Shirt for Telemedicine

The consortium composed of four Portuguese and German organisations has joined in this project to develop solutions for cardiology and to create a shirt to analyse cardiac signals for continuous real time monitoring of patients that positively impact risk assessment and hospitalization. The CAST – CArdiac measuring Shirt for Telemedicine – project will address the growing cardiac problem with a seamless solution to facilitate the interaction between patients and cardiologists, while regarding the high standards of quality in medicine that the consortium adheres to.

The project will run until the end of 2018, by which the consortium is expected to make a market presentation of their innovative product.

Organ Print

Organ Print is an online software application to order individual organ replicas. This service grew out of the project SUSS 3DP which was funded by the H2020 – FABulous Programme of the European Commission.

The application sends the organ model with all information about shape and requested materials to a 3D printer, and the order will be delivered by mail within few days. With exact 3D replicas of real patients, surgeons can easily learn new techniques and prepare for specific operations and medical students can perfectly train for practical exams.

The basis for the model creation are 3D image data acquired by a CT and / or MRI processed by our software application.

Skin Monitor

This device helps dermatologists to decide about malignant skin lesions that require early detection to be able to treat them as best as possible. Using modern ICT tools, SkinMonitor uses integrated information of high resolution (HD) optical imaging, multispectral narrow band imaging (NBI) and high frequency ultrasound (US) to extract various information from suspicious moles. The data is entered into neural network classifiers and trigger an alarm in case of possible maliciousness.

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We are experts on integration, and our projects are implemented based on the clients’ necessities and projects goals.
We have developed projects in C++ with open source toolkits as well as in Java and JVM for server-sided implementations of on-line services.
We could list many technologies and programming languages that we master but the real reasons why you should contact us are:

Passionate development team

We have started Inova DE with the impulse to push technology for healthcare forward. This sector is extremely rewarding: We are thrilled to see our innovations and developments reach the market and help the medical staff perform better and more efficient. Saving lives and improving the quality of life are ultimate goals of all our efforts. We see such challenges transversal to the healthcare market segment and understand the unique needs you have. In this way, you can be sure that the product matches the market niche you want to address. No matter how complex or seemingly simple the innovation is that you require, you can trust that the team in Heidelberg creates the product according to your specifications.

Specialized skills

Selecting a knowledgeable and trustworthy development partner cannot be replaced. Due to our highly-specialized skills, we are the ideal partner for your innovation projects. On top of our scientific background and programming skills, our key personnel are trained in the DIN 62304 – Medical device software, ISO 13485 – Quality management and ISO 14971 – Medical Device Risk Management. We also follow the regulations set up by the Medical Devices Directive MDD 93/42. We fully understand the innovation cycle from initial idea to final market product, as it is demonstrated by our own development efforts and successful market history. For your troubles with post-research and product development, we know how to support your market introduction efforts and future product maintenance and service. Access to more than technical knowledge is something that you can expect from us.

Help with a complex and cross-disciplinary development

We can assist you with the extra manpower you need to focus on your core competencies. In this day and age, most of the technological development is carried out by multidisciplinary teams. Complex challenges demand collaborative work so that all partners can act efficiently and productively. With our experience, we know how to evaluate your project’s technological needs with a critical eye, and how to find other partners in case our in-house capacity is exhausted. We provide a bias-free point-of-view with all the necessary intellectual propriety safeguards you require. A quick contact with us will not be a waste of time; we offer you what you exactly need to succeed with your idea or project.

Project management

Thanks to our background in project management, we know exactly how to properly schedule assignments through the multiple milestones and deadlines. We treat each customer with personalized care making sure your assignment is a top priority and meets the scheduled deadlines as planned. The size of our development team in Heidelberg is adaptable and through our partnerships, we can dedicate more resources to your project on demand. At Inova DE, our passionate and disciplined approach to coding and product development is reflected in our project outputs, from which you are sure to expect the best results for your products in a timely fashion.


We understand that keeping your costs low and predictable is extremely important. At Inova DE we operate on all levels of innovation demands. Therefore, we have customized offers for all different extents of innovation, research and development needs. Whether it is a success fee based, a fixed hourly rate or project based, we are sure to show you excellent value-for-money. We’re not interested in making a quick profit or squeezing you into a one-size-fits-all program – we want to build a relationship with you and help your business flourish.